A sad scene of dereliction, showing the dismantling of the W-shaped 1933 SR canopy nearing completion. The SR station building and upward-sloping canopy were still fully intact at this time. The former signal box can be clearly seen in this view - the glazing has gone, but the casement window frames are still in evidence. The concrete platform edging, gradually disappearing, looks almost brand new. Roger Goodrum



Allhallows Water Tower: 1980s

The former station site has long since been occupied by a holiday home park, but one prominent feature does remain, to remind us a railway once existed here. This is the water tower, once found at the southern end of the station platform. Fully restored, it is now a permanent feature and since this photograph was taken, a flower bed has emerged around the post. The caravans on the right have also since been replaced by more permanent-looking affairs.   Roger Goodrum


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