In Summer 2014, some mysterious new construction works appeared at Crayford, upon the site of the former ''down'' freight sidings, west of the platforms. New concrete foundations were in evidence at the end of July 2014 and your author was intrigued as to what these were for. The track work of the sidings is still extant within the shrubbery, although sections nearest the station have been lifted as part of the aforementioned activities.


2nd August 2014


A London-bound view from the ''up'' platform shows the works site which has sprung up on the ''down'' side of the line, west of the station. On the far right, the original set of points from where the sidings once fanned out, can just be seen. David Glasspool


2nd August 2014


Now over on the ''down'' side, a new concrete block can be seen emerging from the gravel. David Glasspool


2nd August 2014


A little further along in the London direction from the previous photograph, a second concrete foundation is in evidence, this one of which appears ready to receive fixings on top. David Glasspool


18th October 2014


Crayford substation: October 2014

Mystery solved! Seen nearing compeltion, the works at Crayford involved the cosntruction of a new electricity substation. This was installed by ''UK Power Networks'' with equipment supplied by Siemens. David Glasspool



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