Gravesend West


July 1984


A northward view in July 1984 from the east side of the elevated station shows all canopies remaining in situ, and all timber cladding - complete with window frames - in evidence. Sadly, all in view here has been swept away, as part of ongoing redevelopment of the Gravesend riverside. Mike Glasspool


July 1984


When this picture was taken in July 1984, Gravesend West station was largely complete; only the track was missing. This is a northward view towards the Thames, and shows the original valance still intact, if not somewhat forlorn, and the platform rising out of the vegetation. On the far left in the background, marked by the white board, is the former entrance to a covered walkway, built during World War I for passengers to use when moving by foot between train and ferry.   Mike Glasspool


28th March 1991


This 1991 view can be compared to the previous 1984 photograph on this page. The short section of canopy seen here is the end of that in view in the 1984 scene. The above was captured in the middle of major demolition work, which left just the viaduct and the pier supports standing. The start of the pier section is marked by the curved ramps emerging from the former track bed. Roger Goodrum



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