Hither Green



A Hither Green BR totem sign. This design of name board was used throughout the country by British Railways,

but each region had its own colour. Raymond Fuell


19th April 2006


The ''main line'' platforms are little changed since rebuilding was completed in 1974. The dreary asbestos canopy

valances had recently been replaced by equally plain corrugated metal. David Glasspool


19th April 2006


A London-bound view of the Dartford Loop Line platforms reveals the only elements of SER origin remaining:

the lattice footbridge and a handful of canopy struts. This side of the station was rebuilt concurrent with the

main line platforms. The space where a third track laid is obvious. David Glasspool


19th April 2006


The 1954 concrete platform extensions are evident in this Dartford-bound view. Hither Green Depot is beyond

the vegetation on the right. David Glasspool



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