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A new wave of construction works have affected a number of stations along the North Kent routes over the last twelve months, as part of Network Rail’s ‘’Access For All’’ scheme. In brief, this is a £370,000,000 project to provide step-free access at several stations nationwide, through a combination of footbridges and subways equipped with lifts or ramps. At New Eltham, this scheme got underway on Sunday 4th August 2013, when the SER lattice footbridge was dismantled. This was to be replaced by a brand new structure incorporating lift shafts. To fill the breach in the meantime, a temporary footbridge of scaffolding and timber construction was erected, this coming into use on 18th August 2013.

A year on, the footbridge works were found to be at an advanced stage, but passengers still had to cross platforms via the road bridge at the eastern end of the station, the temporary footbridge having since been removed. The new footbridge is of a standardised design, a similar structure having recently been erected at Bexleyheath (this of which had yet to be fully completed at time of writing).


2nd August 2014


The semi-complete footbridge can be seen in the middle-distance of this view, showing Class 465 No. 465035 arriving with a Cannon Street to Slade Green service. © David Glasspool


2nd August 2014


The new footbridge looks somewhat oversized compared with the existing station structures. The glazing had been fitted, but the roof had yet to be installed. © David Glasspool


2nd August 2014


An eastward view shows that the lift shafts are clad with grey panels for two third of their height. The original completion date estimate for the footbridge was 29th July 2014. © David Glasspool



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