South Eastern Division


17th August 2008


An Ashford-bound view from the lattice footbridge of 1935 shows the depressing state of affairs on the platforms.

All traces of the SER station have vanished, save for the bricks of the platform surfaces, and ghastly unpainted

palisade fencing flanks the site on both sides. David Glasspool


17th August 2008


A Hastings-bound view includes the 1935-erected SR lattice footbridge, now the oldest structure upon the

platforms. Behind the palisade fencing on the right is the former site of the EMU depot and goods sidings.

David Glasspool


17th August 2008


Although the EMU depot site has for long been disused, the single-track connection with the ''up'' line remains

in existence, complete with operational two-aspect colour light (which, of course, is permanently set to red!).

David Glasspool


17th August 2008


A general view of the redundant site, once used by the EMU depot and goods sidings, reveals the SR-built

concrete electric substation. The site has been earmarked for redevelopment into housing, as part of the

''Strategy for Hastings'' scheme. David Glasspool



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