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Ramsgate Maintenance Depot



11th June 2008


A general view across the western throat of the depot shows the final stages of construction work underway.

Sandwiched within the bright yellow boarding are the conductor rails. A Class 375 unit can just be deciphered

through the open doorways on the left-hand-side of the building. David Glasspool


11th June 2008


In view are the seven electrified stabling sidings laid on the former goods yard site. The structure straddling the

third siding from the left is the carriage washer. Note on the extreme left the short spur, mentioned in the main

text, which permits the railing of those items of rolling stock delivered by road. The large building looming up

in the background, on the left, is the main depot seen in the previous photograph. David Glasspool


11th June 2008


A general three-quarter view shows that the former water tower structure of the engine shed continues to

provide office accommodation. The elongated building in the background is the existing EMU maintenance

depot, built as part of the Kent Coast Electrification works during 1960, and subsequently re-roofed in 2002.

David Glasspool



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