Ramsgate MPD

SR: ''RAM''; BR: 74B; 73G

TOPS Codes: RE; RM


12th March 1960


A view across the running lines at the Minster end of the layout reveals the then recently installed walkway

across the throat of the EMU inspection shed approaches. The unit in view is 4 Cep No. 7136, wearing the

then prevalent all-over green livery. Behind the inspection shed can be seen a prefabricated concrete elevated

walkway, installed as part of the electrification. Dominating the background is the erection of the framework

for the extension of the existing engine shed building. Keith Gunner


10th March 2006


The remains of the engine shed is seen forty-six years later. The ornate water tower is still in evidence, and the

extension of 1960 was re-clad in 2000, the dreary asbestos being replaced by corrugated metal. David Glasspool


11th June 2008


Ramsgate Engineering Depot: Mainline Fleet. Depicted here is the southern elevation of the former engine shed,

the brickwork being of Kent Coast Electrification origin. Of note here are the Perspex windows of the depot and,

rising high above the ridge-and-furrow roof, the recently bricked up window holes of the SR water tower.

David Glasspool



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