12th February 2005


The delightful station building dates from 1894, having replaced an SER clapboard design which burnt down;

the previous structure lacked a canopy. The signal box, also of 1894 origin, was sandwiched in-between the

station building and level crossing, but has since gone. David Glasspool


12th February 2005


The footbridge appeared in 1895, but the bus shelters are from about 1988. The goods shed was formerly sited

on this side of the lines, immediately behind the footbridge. The space it once stood in is now occupied by the

car park. David Glasspool


12th February 2005


Stormy skies in evidence over Yalding. The windows have been plated over and the platform canopy has been

simplified and partially mutilated, but amazingly, the main building retains a porch canopy which is fully intact.

Even the SER valance remains in existence, a rare breed nowadays. Of note is the post box incorporated into

the brickwork. David Glasspool



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